INFINITE8 is one of the fastest growing companies for interactive 2D and 3D applications. such as multimedia tools, video games, simulations, or any other software program.



Having more than 15 years of experience of the management and development team, INFINITE8 placed itself in the highest position among world class game studios



Record of more than 50 done and successful projects is the best best instance to guarantee future success

Projects have been launched from AAA to Casual gaming .


Variety of genres and styles over different platforms such as HTML5, Android, iOS, Windows, PC and etc

Wini Games is the first casual games hub in MENA Wini was built to fill the spare moments in life, Such as the spent time for waiting for a bus or in metro; or during an ad break on TV. Basically any moment that you would usually fill by browsing Facebook on your phone. Casual games are the most popular games in the world. Wini hosts multiple "casual" mobile games on one app in a very easy way to start over all the platforms.

Play To Win With WINI


Momenta is a way to keep track of life events and celebrate expectantly upcoming actual life moments to stay passionate to reach next life events. It gives you a series of measure to deal with, in order to be more contented and prosperous. Momenta also is a life event counter which offers its users a unique combination of their life events that it might hard to count or is not noticeable. These combinations provided by eloquent motivational quotes. Contact: www.Momenta.Social

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