our story

We are a group of young, innovative experts who are looking to put the newest ideas into actions. Aside from multi-platform solution developments, INFINITE8 has also had a special focus on developing modern-style interactive games and Apps. Providing comprehensive solutions for different models, through the development of mobile or PC games and various Apps, is another expertise of INFINITE8. Prepare to be surprised by our upcoming projects!

We design from scratch to infinity!


To be the most reliable Game and App development company in MENA, delivering fresh day-to-day content to users all over the world.


To provide users with the richest experiences and fascilitate their interactions with mobile Apps. INFINITE8 will bring premium quality in gaming experience for causal and AAA gamers. We also aim to deliver excellence and uparalleled quality both in App and Game development.

15 Years of experience

With more than 15 years of experience, the management and development team in INFINITE8 has placed itself in a high position among world-class game studios.

+50 Projects

Record of more than 50 complete and successful projects launched for AAA to Casual gaming can serve to guarantee future success.

+50 Accomplishments

INFINITE8 is one of the fastest growing companies for interactive 2D and 3D applications including multimedia tools, video games, simulations or any other type of software program.

+5 Supporting Platforms

Diverse genres and styles over different platforms such as HTML5, Android, iOS, Windows, PC, etc.