Naxia The Game

Naxia The Game

Naxia The Game

Naxia is a unique ARPG experience created by a tema of industry veternsof the region and young talented game lover/developers in Dubai. The game presents the new fantasy world of Naxia which is rich of lores and stories, beside featuring a brand new deep and wide combat system in the genre, hundreds of unique weapons, cloths and quests with choice and consequence, procedural generated dungeons, random story events, complex character development, tones of various enemies and bosses in a beautifull and vast 3D handcrafted world.



Founding date

December 2016

Estimated Release Date

Q3, 2018


AAA Action RPG
* 12 - 13 April 2018
* Launching Wini Games Platform
* Naxia the AAA action RPG game
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