Not always people are over the moon; sometimes they seek for a reason to get in touch with others and boost themselves up for better moments; sometimes they ask for an excuse to catch their breath and start again. Sometimes people need a moment to stop and see an inspiring guidepost and moves forward more strongly to accomplish. When you feel drained, you merely need to remind yourself who you are and what you have done so far, to give you the sufficient momentum to keep struggling it can be conveyed by the use of words. These words can make a breath of fresh air for you, to pursue your life livelier; Momenta primary goal is to reminisce with people about life to urge them to happiness.



Momenta endeavors to bring people sheer happiness in their life.


Momenta’s sole purpose is to make lustrous moments for users! To be proud of their life and their time marks, to be happier and to share endless happiness.

Unique and Authentic designs are being handled in our studios.


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* 12 - 13 April 2018
* Launching Wini Games Platform
* Naxia the AAA action RPG game
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